Work Experience

Work experiences are planned, structured learning experiences that take place at a workplace for a limited amount of time. 

Employers expect good work habits and life skills. The work experiences are designed to enable youth to gain exposure to the world of work, its requirements, employer expectations, and the vast array of opportunities available.

Work-based learning helps students understand how content learned in the classroom applies to their future employment goals.


Benefits of Work Experience

  • Provides a direct exposure to various aspects of an industry
  • Provides exposure to the realities and expectations in the world of work
  • Allows students to interact with employees and employers
  • Helps students acquire personal attributes, knowledge and skills needed to obtain a job and advance in employment
  • Helps students to build a work history


Getting Ready for Work


Work Experience Options

  • May be paid or unpaid
  • Job shadowing - spend time at a local business to observe work conditions and skill requirements of a specific occupation or industry
  • Internships - offers a hands-on introduction to an occupation or industry of interest
  • Summer work experience - build your resume with a summer job
  • Entrepreneurships - explore and learn what it takes to run your own business
  • Community service - gain experience through volunteer opportunities in your community